Meds, Beds and Code Reds

Not a stranger to hospital – my observations in a nutshell Welcome to Triage townThe city that never sleepsIt’s Vegas in theatre gownsFull of beeps and bleeps Lights, camera, actionA dramatic entranceThen you wait and waitUntil somebody mentions A VIP wristbandDesigner threadsNo mans landA queue for beds Needles and pinsOverflowing binsAn en-suite roomDoctor in soon The clock stays stillNo time for the illYou’ve had enoughThen … Continue reading Meds, Beds and Code Reds

Beside me

After a day unwell in the hoose this just about sums it up. Beside me If I lay here with my eyes closed maybe it’ll be later than I think it is. Nah – is it fuck! ‘Let’s get up’ – I hear from the miniature person beside me. Sometimes I feel like he’s always beside me. Feet touch the floor, another day has begun. … Continue reading Beside me

The Wifey

My latest offering – with a Scottish twist! Delighted that the Scottish Book Trust included ‘The Wifey’ in their online Blether collection. Can you relate? Doesn’t everyone know ‘The Wifey?’   The Wifey She spoke too soon Nuttin’ left unsaid Her face said it aw She never meant tae tell She couldnae help hersel Small town folk Like small town talk Curtain twitchin’ prizes In … Continue reading The Wifey