On the Contrary

My latest offering. Inspiration is everywhere. I found mine through chattering teeth on a snowy Saturday morn in a Jujitsu gym hall.

It’s cold and I shudder 

I’m warm and I’m still 

It’s dark in the light 

I advance and retreat 

I’m black and I’m white 

There’s grey in between  

I’m contrary and don’t care

But maybe I do 

I’m brave but I’m frightened 

I’m strong but I’m weak 

I’m alive yet feel dead 

My conflict is real 

My heart rules my head 

My head rules my heart 

I love and I hate

I care and care not 

I do and I don’t 

I try and give up 

I feel and I’m numb

I want the unwanted 

I’m high and I’m low 

I’m open and shut

I am but am not

Change unchanged  

I feel the unfeeling

I know but I don’t 

I can and can’t choose 

Choose for me 

It’s really useful to work to a theme and submission calls will likely require you write to spec. It helps gives focus and sparks inspiration.

This latest poem on the theme ‘Identity’ was a submission call for the Scottish Writers Centre. I’ll be reading it at the Aye Write Book Festival in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow soon.

Here I Am

It took a while but here I am

Once dark but now I see

There’s nothing wrong with who I am

I’m good at being me


It takes some time to see the truth

To look beyond the trees

To pick yourself back up

When life brought you to your knees


Thick skin grows thicker by the day

We’re numb then come to life

Peel back every layer

Words that cut you like a knife


Never, ever doubt yourself

When others will do it for free

Keep on keeping on my love

It’s the only way to be


We laugh, we cry, we conquer

We break and fall apart

It doesn’t matter in the end

The end is just the start


So say it in a whisper

Or shout it big and loud

“There’s nothing wrong with who I am”

Stand tall my love – be proud!