The Wifey

img_5383-3My latest offering – with a Scottish twist!

Delighted that the Scottish Book Trust included ‘The Wifey’ in their online Blether collection.

Can you relate? Doesn’t everyone know ‘The Wifey?’


The Wifey

She spoke too soon

Nuttin’ left unsaid

Her face said it aw

She never meant tae tell

She couldnae help hersel

Small town folk

Like small town talk

Curtain twitchin’ prizes

In bronze, silver ‘n gold

Medals fur mentions

Tales no tae be told

Sticks ’n stones

Cross yer heart ‘n hope tae die

Throw away the key

She couldnae help hersel

It wis an affliction

A close encounter addiction

The mind knew better

The mouth hud other ideas

She lacked self control

No such thing as secrets

No in this place

No wi’ her

Fulla good intentions

Chinese whisperer

Every soul a source

Nuttin’ wis sacred

No detail too small

She knew it aw

Infrared mind reader

Information extractor

Tale tellin’ extraordinaire

Undercover informer

Ye see ‘er comin’

There’s nae where tae run

She disnae walk

She floats towards ye

A silent assassin

She hus ye in ‘er sights

Target locked

Smile plastered ‘oan

Face fulla mock concern ‘n hope

It’s showtime…

‘How are ye?’ she enquires

Say fine ‘n keep movin’

Don’t look directly at it

Deid man walkin’

Whit she disnae know

She’ll make up anyway

Smile ‘n wave

Don’t engage

Cross the street

Keep movin’

Create a safe distance

Up the pace

Almost there noo

Celebrate yer narrow escape

Body’s in a state a’ close call collapse

Heart rate resumes

Relief comes in waves

Never again ye say

As ye wipe the sweat away

Must make mental note

Tae always


Watch oot


The Wifey


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