Meds, Beds and Code Reds

Not a stranger to hospital – my observations in a nutshell

Welcome to Triage town
The city that never sleeps
It’s Vegas in theatre gowns
Full of beeps and bleeps

Lights, camera, action
A dramatic entrance
Then you wait and wait
Until somebody mentions

A VIP wristband
Designer threads
No mans land
A queue for beds

Needles and pins
Overflowing bins
An en-suite room
Doctor in soon

The clock stays still
No time for the ill
You’ve had enough
Then blood pressure cuff

Pulse and temp taken
You’re left weak and shaken
Repeat name and DOB
In-case their mistaken

Arm caught in vice like grip
You smile and bite your lip
You’ll feel a little ‘sting’
That’s the cannula in

Bob next door goes awol
He’s stoated down the hall
Dementia – the cruel disease
He’s fallen on frail old knees

48 hours on the ward
Give that nurse a fucking award
They do their best
With little rest
May God bless
And keep the NHS

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