Never underestimate the value of a good writing prompt. It can take you somewhere you wouldn’t usually go, somewhere out your comfort zone.

It can also be a source of good fun to get you back in the writing game or act as a time out tool from your big writing project when you simply need a break.

Here’s one I made earlier…

The noise starts again, this time Jess moves her head in the right direction.

‘Jesus Christ!’ She silently screams, suppressing the urge to vomit.

Praying she remains undetected in the darkness she folds herself down in slow and steady movements until she’s behind the kitchen counter.

Sitting on the cold tiled floor, her hands are trembling with shock, her pulse racing, causing a ringing in her ear.

Seconds feel like forever as she works out what to do.

Deciding to keep low she crawls back to the bedroom to grab her phone. ‘Should I call the police this time?’ she wonders out loud.

Quickly grabbing her mobile from the drawer she feels relief at not turning it off but the feeling fades when there’s seven missed calls.

‘Enough, this has got to stop!’ she yells out in anger. Even in her current state of panic she’s pissed off enough to be brave. She decides to crawl back to the kitchen and hits the call button.

Rising up from the floor ever so slightly she looks out across the row of gardens.

The glow from his phone gave him away and lights up his face.

There he is, the creep calling her in the darkness. He rocks menacingly on the garden swing next door.

She watches him while he looks down at the phone in his hand.
‘Bastard!’ Her face changes, hardens. He watched her call and hung up, wasn’t that what he wanted, to speak to her?

Disgusted by his presence, she stands up knowing what needs to be done. Her hands are steady now, they’re opening a drawer, searching for something sharp.