I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder how we do it, every single day.  I wonder how we show up, how we persevere, how we struggle and how we rise.  I wonder how we love so unconditionally, how we put others before ourselves, how we spin plates and how we always get shit done.  I wonder all of this, then I remember we are women! Happy International Women’s Day! Continue reading I wonder…

Taking the Piss!

It’s not easy living with people with penises. I’m outnumbered by ‘winkies’ in this house, it’s only 2:1 but it’s not much fun in the bathroom department. Now we have a fully confident bottom wiper who likes to do his ‘thing’ in private day or night it’s proving increasingly difficult to monitor splash back or when his aim game is way off the mark (which … Continue reading Taking the Piss!

To be judged

Whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, the school gate brigade or the nosey bastard behind you eyeballing your food shop as you frantically throw everything (yes everything) on the moving conveyor belt – there will be judgement. In some shape or form, be it mild or malicious it is becoming so apparent in today’s society that everyone is judging everybody else! It could be your … Continue reading To be judged

Cos life

It’s been a while! There was Christmas, which was lovely and little love himself had thee best time. He is such a believer of all things Christmas (like his mama) so it was more than magical except when he declared he needed a poo before opening his presents. I think it was all the excitement. Then there was New Year which was also lovely spent … Continue reading Cos life