Day 6 Blog Challenge

Feeling oh so committed to the cause!

A book I love and one I don’t…

Chloe Esposito’s MAD was bloody brilliant. It charts the MAD antics of Alvie who’s a fucking nutcase! 🤪

Then there was BAD the equally brilliant follow up. I’m just waiting (impatiently) for the next instalment DANGEROUS TO KNOW!

I know this counts as two but they’re part of the same trilogy so stick it!

It’s hard to pick a book I don’t like because I truly appreciate all books for one reason or another.

I’m trying to write one myself so I know how bloody hard it is. Sometimes it takes intense effort to even write a page.

I applaud all authors for having the perseverance to complete a novel, it’s a massive commitment and literally a labour of love.

The books I don’t like are the type these so called celebs claim to “write.” The ones that in actual fact are written for them but they pass off as their own. What a cop out! The jig is up people! Totally undervalues the work real authors put in.

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