The man in the blue car

Gotta love a good writing prompt to get the creative juices flowing. This was an oldie but worth a share!

DC95260B-73AD-48A2-A10C-7DD6CE322511Outside my house, there’s a man in a blue car. I know this for certain because I’ve been hiding wrapped inside my curtain cocoon watching him, watch me.

He’s been outside my house every night at precisely the same time for almost four weeks. It’s now a routine of ours, a game we’re both playing. Every evening at exactly 9pm just as I close the house up for the night and draw the last of the curtains in the front room, I see him.

I shudder as I always do and then stand frozen in time, statue still from behind the tiniest of gaps unable to take my eyes off him. He knows I’m there, behind the purple velvet drape and not once does he drop his gaze. I feel his presence, his eyes burn holes right through my entire body, poker hot like a laser leaving no trace of entry or exit but something lingers on. It’s exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure. I am a hostage, his energy penetrates my very being, reminding me that I can’t ever escape him.

Time stands still and just when I think I can’t hold my breath or remain motionless a moment longer I hear the ignition. I feel the vibration of tyres slowly setting a pace, creeping further and further away from me. A few more seconds pass and the engine roars to life finally gaining momentum, it quietens and then he’s gone, our game is over.

I startle myself with the sound of my own breathing, the silence is broken and I aim for composure. Before I even glance at my watch I know without doubt that it’s 9.10pm. Like clockwork he makes his departure ten minutes after arrival. I look down to see my hands are trembling just as they have been ever since the night he appeared from nowhere.

With one final tentative look from behind the velvet cloak I’ve become accustom to wearing I’m sad to see there is no longer a man outside my house in a blue car. I remind myself that it’s ok, he’ll be back tomorrow and I already can’t wait.

It’s the best ten minutes of my day.

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